We have entered into this unfolding narrative that is God’s Word. A story of God and His people, a story of a Father who relentlessly pursues His people from beginning to end, seeking to make us a part of this story by bringing His family back together. It is a story which overwhelms every aspect of our lives. We enter into this story together, “searching for the Man who wrote it”.


We proclaim Jesus so that we may present everyone complete in Him. We desire a community that resembles the perfect balance of grace and truth found in the person of Jesus. We desire a complete faith, a faith that goes beyond ritual, beyond religion and is made whole in a relationship with Jesus, His church, and the communities where we live.”.


Jesus wants to do much more than forgive our sins; We believe that God wants to redeem every part of us. He wants to capture our real self—full of flaws and brokenness. He wants to restore the broken pieces that are our lives. Restoration through Jesus is more than a one-time transaction; it’s a way of living. It is an ongoing, never-ending restoring of our souls, our lives and the world in which we live.


We desire to be a community of people who can come just as we are, who are not afraid to be ourselves and let ourselves be known. We believe that when people see followers of Jesus who are real and authentic, they will see a Jesus who is real and authentic.


In this community, beauty, art, and imagination are valued, used and understood as coming from the Creator. We are, in truth, created to be creators. We believe God is calling us all to lifelong creative, artistic and scientific pursuits. We are to mirror God’s creativity.