Spring 2024 Session Groups

Baptism Conversations
Baptism has been an integral way Christians participate in the Story of God for centuries. Like Common Meal, it is rich in symbolism and meaning, and can also be strange and confusing. Various theological views have been held by the church throughout its history and we know that everyone has different experiences and beliefs about baptism. This group will have various leaders and will meet on Sundays for lunch through Lent (the six weeks before Easter) and is for anyone curious about the history and meaning behind baptism. This group will also include a unit for parents curious about how to talk to their kids about baptism. This group is for people interested in receiving baptism or simply interested in knowing more about its meaning and history there are no expectations that participants be baptized at the conclusion of the group. Contact: Molly at

Three Thirteen @ E&I Brewing
Three Thirteen is an easy-to-learn card game (a variation of Rummy) that Ben Conaway learned from Molly’s Grandma Shirley. It is played in groups of 4-6 with two decks per group. With the perfect balance of strategic approach and the “luck of the cards,” Three Thirteen draws you into the moment amidst laughter, relaxation and a sense of connection with fellow players. Ben will be hosting a Crossings Three Thirteen Card Club on the first Tuesday of every month from February to April at 6pm at Ebony & Ivory Brewing which features craft brews, seltzers, and other non-alcoholic options. You can get pizza next door or bring your own dinner. Contact: Benjamin Conaway at

Wednesday Morning Study
Rebecca and Molly will begin hosting a group on Wednesday mornings from 10-11:30am in the 4 Market Square building. We will follow a study and discussion plan that will involve some (not too much) preparation ahead of time. We will have childcare available (at a small cost) during the group. Contact: Molly at

Ongoing Groups/Connection Opportunities

4th-5th Grade Group
Rebecca will be leading a group on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm for our 4th-5th graders beginning Wednesday January 31st. The group will meet outside 4 Market Square then go up to the Crossings offices for a short lesson/reflection time, out for ice cream, play games, etc. Contact: Rebecca at

Cave – Table – Road
Cave-Table Road is a six-month cohort that meets to engage the monastic movements of spiritual formation (cave), community/hospitality (table), and a way of being sent into the contexts we find ourselves in (road). Our next Cave-Table-Road cohort will begin in September 2024.

The Skinny and Greenhouse
Greenhouse is a bi-annual gathering that happens on a Saturday morning for anyone involved in leadership, groups, service, etc. in our community – or anyone who is interested in something like that. It is called “Greenhouse” because it is a place we protect, experiment, pray, ask questions, innovate, and dream about how God might be calling our community to flourish. Our next Greenhouse will be at 9:30am on Saturday March 2, 2024.

The Skinny is a Sunday lunch hosted for anyone new to Crossings or interested in learning about who we are, what we believe, value, and dream about— and how we operate as a faith community. This is not a “membership class” or any kind of formal commitment (we don’t really have those). It is simply a chance for you to get to know Crossings, our staff, and ask whatever questions you might have. Our next Skinny will be at 11:20am on Sunday February 4, 2024.

Justice Group
Crossings Justice Group has been meeting for over six years and has created a safe place to dialogue about God’s heart for the poor, marginalized, and oppressed. The group meets to process various matters of injustice and ways to participate in different justice initiatives around Knoxville. The group takes a Civil Rights Tour of the South each summer, and is planning to take a similar “tour” of sites here in East TN this spring.
Contact: Molly at

This groups is for folks to build connection, explore faith together, and offer support.
Contact: Lauren Green ( or Michael Merriweather (

StuCo (6th-12th grade)
Our students meet on Sunday evenings (during the North gathering) in a small-group setting where they play games, connect, study, pray, and wrestle with their big questions about life and faith. Throughout the year they have fire pits, game nights, and lots of snacks. The last Sunday each month, the students participate in the North gathering by serving in various ways. The first Wednesday of each month our students gather at our offices Downtown to connect, play games, or get ice cream. Contact: Austin Greco at

Thursday Morning Book Club
For almost a decade, a revolving door of folks have met at 7:30 AM to read and discuss a variety of books. The group currently meets on Thursday mornings at Rami’s Cafe in North Knoxville.
Contact: Caleb Gilmore at

Outside of these groups, we have various home groups that meet together on a more regular, long-term basis to share about their lives, study, pray for one another, etc. Contact if you’d like to have a conversation about participating in a home group.