Groups at Crossings

Bells Groups

BELLS Groups are smaller in size (3-8 people) with a high level of intimacy and accountability that commit to meet together for one year. These groups specifically challenge each other to live by a set of spiritual and missional rhythms including:

BLESS: We will bless people this week, at least one of who is not involved at Crossings.

EAT: We will eat with people this week, at least one of who is not involved at Crossings.   

LISTEN: We will spend time listening for the Holy Spirit this week. LEARN: We will spend time learning about Jesus this week.

SENT: We will journal and meet with our BELLS group regularly about the ways we are noticing and participating in the Kingdom of God.   

We recognize that our habits transform us whether we like it or not. BELLS Groups and these practices and are intended as a structure for our lives so that we can be the kinds of people we want to be: people of hospitality, reconciliation, peace, wholeness, and people who are attentive to the Holy Spirit. When BELLS groups meet together, they will follow the same liturgy of prayer and questions. There is also a liturgy and guide for how to do the practices and group time with kids.

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Home Groups

The vision of home groups is to create atmospheres where community and transformation can flourish.

Home groups commit to meeting together on a regular basis for study and to share and support each other in life and in the mission God has called each person to. Home groups range in sizes and seasons of life. Some are more focused geographically while others are focused on space in life, and still others are more eclectic with a wide variety of people. All our groups look very different and have very different rhythms.

Session Groups

Session groups meet together for a variety of reasons.

These are spaces defined by you to bring people together over the enjoyment of a common activity, common season of life, or the pursuit of growth and wisdom in a specific area. We’ve had everything from book clubs to justice groups, hiking groups to craft beer groups. These groups vary as interest and leaders arise.


Forge is for anyone interested in learning how to engage their particular context with the story of Jesus. Our residents are stay at home moms, athletic trainers, mall employees, teachers, leaders of neighborhood associations, non-profit workers, and everything in between. The Forge residents commit to staying engaged in God’s mission in their neighborhood and community, and to keep a posture of learning and listening to both God and those around them.

Forge is part of a national and international movement and network of leaders. For more information about Forge, visit