Fall 2023 Crossings Groups 

Board Game Nights 

Board games offer clever challenges, friendly competition, and great social interactions. Join us once a month as we connect the country in Ticket to Ride, cycle across the finish line in Flamme Rouge, or give the perfect clue in Just One. Do none of these sound familiar? No problem! All games will be taught, and new players are welcome and encouraged. Location, schedule, and childcare will be finalized based on participants. Contact: Ramo Stott ( 


Cave.Table.Road is a six-month cohort which grounds and equips people around the three primary movements of Celtic monastic life: 

-the cave (a time of prayer, contemplation, meditation on scripture, spiritual formation)

-the table (a time of community, connectedness, hospitality, friendship)

-the road (being sent into the world in a way that engages how God is working in  our specific contexts) 

The cohort meets every other Wednesday evening and includes a retreat in September. This group is limited to 12 people, we currently have 5 spots left so contact us ASAP if you’d like to participate. Contact: Molly Conaway ( 

Fantasy Football 

Fantasy Football Group – Caleb Gilmore will be hosting a fantasy football group for any who like football or fake sports. If you’ve never played fantasy football before and are interested or if you’ve been playing for years, this is a group for all! The group will draft teams together at a date to be determined once we know how many want to join. After the draft, we’ll plan on meeting up every other Thursday night to watch Thursday Night Football, catch up, and talk trash! Contact: Caleb Gilmore (

Golf Group 

This group is for anyone interested in developing fellowship around playing golf. All skill levels are welcome. We will limit play to nine holes for each session. Typically 2 hours of play time. Locations may vary so that we can explore different courses in the Knoxville area. Time and day will be established once we take a survey with all who are interested so we can get as many folks participating as possible. Contact: David Matthews ( 

Secret City 5K/Half Marathon (For Isaiah117 House) 

Join Caleb, Molly, and Amy Hathaway and train for the Oak Ridge Secret City Half Marathon or 5K on November 11th. You probably aren’t any slower than Molly, so feel free to join us if you’re just getting started with running 🙂 You can train on your own, but we will try to get the group together for a run a couple times! The race benefits Isaiah117 House, an organization that cares for children awaiting foster placement (that has been part of Crossings Celebrate Generosity over the past two years).  Contact: Molly Conaway (    

Show & Tell @ Knox Brew Hub

This group will meet 3 evenings over the next 3 months for discovery and camaraderie to celebrate the hidden talents, fascinating hobbies, and captivating stories that make each of us unique. This is your chance to showcase that treasured collectible, share a mind-blowing fact, or unveil a project that you’ve been working on with passion. Come mingle with other like-minded adults, lift a pint and be ready to inspire and be inspired by the myriad wonders brought forth by our very own community. Each person will bring an OBJECT or CREATION that has significance to you.  It can be wacky, weird or sentimental, but it should have a story you can share within 5 minutes. We’ll find a date each month that works for those interested in sharing. Tentative location will Knox Brew Hub and the public will be invited to join. Contact: Lorie Matthews ( 

Sunday Morning Lectio Divina

Beginning September 17th, we will be studying the Gospel of Luke in our Sunday gatherings. At 8:30am on Sunday mornings we will offer space to be guided through Lectio Divina based on the passage we will study that morning in the gathering. Lectio Divina is Latin for “Divine Reading” and is an ancient contemplative/meditative practice of listening to or reading sections of text. The practice of Lectio Divina is slow, quiet, and invites us to “enter into” the text rather than “dissect it,” so there will be very little talking/conversing with each other in the group. The group will meet in the prayer chapel on the 3rd floor of 4 Market Square. No need to RSVP, just show up!   

The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin 

Join Molly and Rabbi Alon Ferency on Wednesdays during lunch (12:30pm) at Potchke Deli to read together and discuss Rick Rubin’s “The Creative Act.” Contact: Molly Conaway ( 

Ongoing Groups 

Justice Group

Crossings Justice Group has been meeting for over six years and has created a safe place to dialogue about God’s heart for the poor, marginalized, and oppressed. The group has participated in different justice initiatives around town and takes a Civil Rights Tour of the South each summer, and is planning this Fall or Winter to take a similar “tour” of sites here in East TN. Contact: Molly Conaway ( 


This groups is for folks to build connection, explore faith together, and offer support. Contact: Lauren Green ( or Michael Merriweather ( 

Recovery Community 

This is a new group that is assembling for those with any experience with alcoholism or addiction. It is centered around spiritual growth and discipleship and does not plan on using any type of formal recovery curriculum. Rather, the goal is for it to simply be a space to come together and fellowship around God’s grace around this subject which has affected so many lives. Contact: Mikey Bennett ( 

StuCo (Student Community 6th-12th grade) 

Our students meet on Wednesday evenings and the first Sunday of each month (during the gathering) in a small-group setting where they play games, connect, study, pray, and wrestle with their big questions about life and faith. Throughout the year they have fire pits, game nights, and lots of snacks. On Sundays (except for the first Sunday of the month) our students are a part of the larger worship gathering, help serve in the gatherings, or serve as student leaders for our kids.  Contact: Austin Greco (

Thursday Morning Book Club 

For almost a decade, a revolving door of folks have met at 7:30 AM to read and discuss a variety of books. The group currently meets on Thursday mornings at Rami’s Cafe in North Knoxville. Contact: Caleb Gilmore (

Outside of these groups, we have various home groups that meet together on a regular basis to share about their lives, study, pray for one another, etc. Contact if you’d like to have a conversation about joining a home group.