The Story of Crossings

Crossings has existed as a faith community in the city of Knoxville since 2007.

Out of a vision to simply create a community of faith where any and all people could come and pursue God and experience a community of people trying to imitate the incarnational nature of Jesus, a group of people began gathering in 2006 with a dream. A dream that maybe God was birthing a faith community that would gather in downtown Knoxville on Sundays and around the city throughout the week. This began with some small gatherings beginning in October 2006 and then with Crossings’ first public gathering in February of 2007.

From the very beginning two things were continually communicated and hopefully embodied throughout our community:


We exist to help people find their way back to God.

This is not the idea that some have crossed over and are good to go, and some need to come back to God. But instead, it is the idea that we are all living in a world where things are not always as they were intended to be, the way they were created to be. So our desire is that ALL of us would pursue God in a way that our individual lives and the world in which we live would become as God intended—whole, complete, lacking for nothing. The Hebrew word for this type of “wholeness and completeness” is shalom.


We will be a place where the questions are in many ways more important than the answers.

The name Crossings comes from the story in the book of Genesis of Jacob wrestling throughout the night with God. As daylight came, Jacob held on tight and would not let go as they wrestled along the banks of the Jabbok River. He wanted a blessing, he wanted something more from his faith than he had ever found or experienced before. We believe that EVERYONE, at one time or another, crosses the Jabbok River to wrestle out a faith that they’ve maybe have heard about but never experienced. And that involves wrestling with hard questions of life and faith and meaning. Our desire is that this community is a safe place for ANY and EVERYONE to cross over the river.

“We believe that EVERYONE, at one time or another, crosses the Jabbok River to wrestle out a faith that they’ve maybe have heard about but never experienced.”

A community that pursues these things is one that is at times incredibly messy, one where we all don’t agree on everything, but is also one that is honest about our desperate longing for God and the ways of Jesus.

Originally gathering in the Downtown West Cinema, our Sunday gathering moved to The Square Room at 4 Market Square at their opening in January of 2009. In March of 2011, a second gathering site started at Christenberry Elementary School in Uptown North Knoxville, 927 Oglewood.

Regardless of where we gather (The Square Room, Christenberry, someone’s home, etc) or when we gather (not just Sunday), our community has simply one idea in mind: to be a community where people can gather to discuss and question and learn and worship all while in a community that desires to all find our way back to God.