We understand that one of the top reasons many people choose to disengage with a faith community is because of the ways many churches handle money. Because of this, we do not pass plates and we don’t spend much time talking about money. We also desire to be transparent about where every penny of our money goes. If you have any questions about our finances, you are welcome to email our bookkeeper Kate at or Molly at
On Sundays we have black Giving Back To God (GBTG) boxes located by the doors. If you would like to give online click below.
Online Giving
As an organization, Crossings does GBTG by supporting other ministries with 10% of our annual budget. Current our 10% is given to Beyond Borders Haiti, Compassion Coalition, and the Christian Community Development Association. We also “Celebrate Generosity” one Sunday every year by inviting our community to give three times what they would normally give, and all of that money is given to three local organizations.