Current Teaching Series

Sacraments are the church’s language for actions or rituals that represent God’s reality and offer us a means of participating in that reality. Some think of the sacraments as ladders by which God descends to us or by which we climb to reach God. For four weeks (beginning 4.14.24) we will be studying four of the traditional sacraments that function in the life of our community: Eucharist (Common Meal), Baptism, Confession, and Ministry. We want to try to understand these mysteries of grace better and ask questions about what they mean to us, how we discuss them, and how we participate in them.

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These conversations and teachings are important to understanding who we are as Crossings and what questions we are continually asking.

Teaching is one of the ways our community attempts to find their way back to God. This means being honest and authentic about the Story of God (found in the Bible) and how it intersects with our own stories. There is something powerful about a group of people who are willing to wrestle with these kinds of hard questions. We think our time of teaching should start, not finish a conversation. Our study of God’s Story and our story should lead us to learn, unlearn, relearn, and put a new frame on our faith. Hopefully, by doing this, we are able to tell a new and better Story.