Current Teaching Series


“There simply is no book in all of human literature like the book of John. For there is simply no other subject like the subject of the book of John.” (Darrel Johnson). Since September our community has been entering into the story of Jesus on Sundays together, a story of “light shining in the darkness, and the darkness not overcoming it.” (You can find a study guide written for our study of John by people in our community here.)

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One of the ways our community attempts to engage in what the idea of finding our way back to God might look like is by trying to be honest and real about the story of God (the Bible) and how it intersects with our own stories. There is something powerful about a group of people (both in large and small groups) who are willing to wrestle with the hard questions of both.

These conversations and teachings are important to understanding who we are as Crossings and what questions we are continually asking.

One Church. Two Locations.