“The word parish refers to all the relationships (including the land) where the local church lives out its faith together. It is a unique word that recalls a geography large enough to live life together (live, work, play, etc.) and small enough to be known as a character within it. ‘Parish’ is also unique because it is a noun that holds within it a verb. It is a noun in the sense that it represents the church’s everyday life and relationships within a particular place. But it also functions as an action word because it calls us to the telos, or purpose, of the church – living out God’s dream and caring for the place we are called. Proximity in the parish allows you to participate in God’s reconciling and renewing vision in ways you really can’t do as an individual.”

The New Parish by Friesen, Sparks, and Soerens

Crossings has always been driven by a desire to ask the right questions. We recognize the year 2020 has brought about more and different questions than we could have ever imagined. Because of COVID-19, the world, every part of it, has changed forever — and we want to ask the question: “How do we learn to live into this new reality?”

Here’s our answer, at least partially, to that question:

To better position ourselves as a faith community to care for each other, become more formed in the likeness of Jesus and mobilize ourselves to live as people sent by Jesus, we have arranged our entire faith community into the three geographical groupings that we are calling “parishes.” Each of these parishes will be cared for and led by one or two of our pastors on staff and supported by a team of leaders from within each parish community.

Each Parish will be about three core elements:


finding ways to better connect with and care for people in both our church community and our neighborhoods


finding ways to better connect with and care for people in both our church community and our neighborhoods


understanding God as a sending God, and we’re to join in where He’s already at work in our neighborhoods & city

As we say often at Crossings, please be careful
— don’t hear what we’re NOT saying about Parishes:

This is not us separating ourselves into three churches.

This is us finding a way to more effectively pay attention to the people and needs of our community. A move to parishes actually allows for us to have greater impact throughout the city and positions us to better participate in a movement throughout the city.

Parishes do not take the place of a weekly worship gathering.

The 4-fold rhythm of worship each week, (even from a distance during COVID), we believe, is essential for us as a community.

Have any other questions about Parishes?


One Church. Two Locations.