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As Crossings Student Community (StuCo) we believe that helping people find their way back to God happens best for through small groups. We don’t have small groups simply for students, instead we have adult leaders who are a part of small groups with students because we are all journeying through life together.

Our dream for StuCo is for it to be a safe, close community that allows students to ask questions and wrestle with those question so they can find Jesus.  We dream of helping students find community not only with each other but also with God.

Currently we have a middle school and high school small group called ‘The Table’.

So many things happen around a table: you eat meals, you play games, you stay up late into the night talking with family and friends… Ultimately the table is a place where you share life with others.The gathering of our Middle & High School StuCo is called ‘The Table’ for that reason.

With StuCo ‘The Table’ is a place where students are safe to come together to share in each other’s stories, wrestle with their questions about life & faith and enter into & discuss the unfolding narrative that is God’s Word.

‘The Table’ meets each Sunday night 5:00-6:30 pm. at Christenberry Elementary School. For more information about StuCo and The Table please contact Sam Walker.