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We believe the mission of Kids’ City is to teach and mentor children as we all find our way back to God. Our hope is that Kids’ City is one of the ways (alongside parents and our community) that our children become aware to the reality of Jesus.


We dream of Kids’ City being a community where…

…kids enter into the story of God every week

…and by entering into the story…

…come to understand that God is good, Jesus is real…

…that He made us, loves us, and we can trust him with our lives.

…kids are encouraged to be creative, ask questions and dream about changing the world.

…kids are valued and loved by their Kids’ City leaders.

…parents feel confident that their children are safe and protected

…kids know they are part of a bigger community, finding their way back to God.


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    At Crossings Downtown, Kids’ City is located on the 3rd floor of 4 Market Square about the Square Room. Look for signs directing you to the stairs or the elevator.

    At Crossings North, Kids’ City is located in the classrooms next to the Little Theater in Christenberry Elementary School where our Sunday morning worship gatherings are being held.

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    We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to the worship gathering you plan to attend in order to get your child checked in.
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    Infants – 2 years old.
    These little ones will learn bible stories, sing songs and play in a nurturing environment

    Jumpstreet (3 years old through kindergarten)
    Our preschoolers explore bible stories through learning center play. Their program includes creative storytelling in small groups and celebrating God through singing and dancing.

    Uptown and Club 45 (elementary)
    Our elementary kids celebrate and learn about God in a large group environment and build life-changing community through small groups and activities.


Safety is our first priority Kids' City.

We take seriously that you entrust your children to our care, and we care with them as if they are our own.

We use number armbands, given to both the child and the person who drops him or her off, to ensure the safety and security of our check-in process. The person who drops off your child must be the same person who picks up your child after the worship gathering. All of our leaders are trained to match the numbers on both the armband of the child and of the person who picks the child up, no matter how many times you’ve been to Kids’ City or how well they know you or your children. Please be mindful of this and don’t take offense when we ask. It is for the safety of your child and the other children in Kids’ City.

If there is a concern with your child while you are away, the last three digits from your armband will appear on the projector screen in the Worship Gathering. If this occurs, please return to the Kids’ City check-in area.

They look friendly, but our secret security staff patrols the premises vigilantly. No one is permitted past the check-in point unless they are wearing an armband.